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It's Your Life Live Big

It's Your Life Live Big
250.00 Gms

It’s Your Life Live BIG :

                The Journey to Success starts with you!

   Learn Simple Practical steps from acclaimed author Josh Hinds and start to LIVE BIG! Create a road map that will guide you to your best accomplishments. Build a framework to focus your actions and reach your greatest achievements. Craft a solid foundation for true success with it’s your Life, Live Big!

Here you Will :

  • ·         Define  Success – get clear on what success means to you
  • ·         Set Goals – put together a workable Plan to achieve your success
  • ·         Visualize – fuel for making your dreams a reality
  • ·         Learn the Power of Persistence
  • ·         Learn to  Adapt
  • ·         Act – even the best – made plans don’t have a chance without solid action
  • ·         Find your Motivation and Inspiration
  • ·         Use Adversity as a valued Teacher and much, much more….

Live Your life by choice, not by chance ! It’s Your Life , LIVE BIG !

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