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Postive Living Day by Day

Postive Living Day by Day
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                One of the most  Skilled communications of the 20th century, Norman Vincent Peale is best known as the author of “ The Power of Positive Thinking “, Which has sold over 20 million copies worldwide in 42 languages.

                Dr.Peale gained fame for his sermons on a positive approach to modern living and his weekly radio program, “ The Art of Living” was broadcast for 54 years. He often spoke to over 100 groups a year and was awarded  the presidential medal of Freedom by President Ronald Reagan.

                This collection of Norman Vincent Peale’s work comprises nuggets of devotional and life – changing wisdom. Selected from over 50 years of his writing,, Positive Living Day by Day offers daily readings for a closer relationship with God, a positive belief in oneself, and a joyful, vibrant life.

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