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A Scientist’s Mystical Journey - Novel
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Book Type
A Mystical Science Fiction
Publisher Year
Number Of Pages
500.00 gms
Hana, a top notch scientist of Indian origin is working with NASA, USA. At 12, in a natural calamity in Chennai, India, she loses her parents and kid brother which leaves a deep scar on her Psyche. Deeply hurt, she feels strongly that she has been unjustify robbed off her family. She wants to find out 'why' and the vehicle she chooses for it is science.

On vacation to India, she meets a stranger, who says that earth and Milky Way galaxy are in danger of extinction and only Hana has the capability to prevent the catastrophe. Unconvinced, but persuaded to take up the assignment, Hana, in company of a maverick Indian Air force pilot, embarks upon an extraordinary space odyssey, crossing over 100000 light years of space.

whether earth and Milky Way galaxy were saved. Please read on.
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